Saturday, April 12, 2014

Went to the grocery store with a princess

Yup, you could say Annabelle was classin' up the joint when she strutted into Kroger wearing her tiara, tutu, and pink "polta dot" rubber boots.  Me? I just walked down the aisles like it was the most normal thing in the world to buy bananas and frozen pizza for a princess...except for the 2 minutes while I was taking pictures (also a completely normal sight for the health food aisle...a crazy lady with a camera taking pics of her crazy tutu-wearing daughter.)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Little Mommy

Annabelle is such a little mommy.   She's nurturing and patient with her dolls.  She never forgets to tuck anyone in and gives lots of pats and kisses.  Annabelle is very often shh-ing us and whispering sweet reminders about sleeping babies.  We oblige.
When necessary, Annabelle is not afraid to be firm when someone, a baby doll, Bailey, or one of her brothers, gets out of line. Her voice gets deep and stern and she says something like, "Kyle, go to bed now." as she points her finger to the door.  I don't know where she gets this stuff!  Let's just say I need to be very careful about what and how I say things because somebody is watching me very closely.

I walked upstairs the other day because it was very quiet and found this: (Check out the name of the book she's reading to her babies)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our last few hours in the Big Apple

I "needed" to get some pictures in Central Park before we left so we bribed the kids with a trip to the souvenir shop afterwards...I'm not sure all of the kids understand the concept of a bribe...

At the souvenir shop, Kyle got a NYPD sweatshirt, an Empire State Building statue, and a little NY license plate with his name on it.  Barrett got a FDNY sweatshirt and a New York City wallet, and Annabelle got a FDNY teddy bear.  Kyle couldn't wait to show his friends at school his souvenirs.
We had a great time in NYC!  

NYC Day 4

We took the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty from the boat. We had lunch on Staten Island before returning to Manhattan.  Then we finally went to Serendipity (they were open this time)! 

We started off each morning with a trip across the street to Starbucks for coffee/tea/breakfast and to the 2-story market for other snacks including grapes.

NYC Day 3

It was St. Patrick's Day and it was super cold. The Parade was marching down 5th Avenue for at least 4 hours!  

Snuggled up with warm blankets on a Carriage ride through Central Park

Refueling our horse, Murphy after our fantastic ride

At F.A.O. Schwartz - The Boys with Emmett from the LEGO Movie
Making a wish

Ice Skating in Central Park
two big nerds :)
Kyle took me down with him right after this shot was taken.  It wasn't pretty, but we laughed the whole way down!

We had the best time ice skating in Central Park.  Annabelle was asleep when we arrived and sat in the warmth with Gigi.

NYC Day 2

The boys in the middle of Times Square
Found the Aggie M&Ms at the giant M&M store! We also went to the Disney Store where Annabelle picked out an Izzy doll from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
The Brooklyn Bridge
The kids on the Brooklyn Bridge
Kyle took this picture...pretty good.
Dylan's Candy Bar - eating ice cream in a giant cupcake.  We walked like 12 miles uphill in the freezing cold and swirling wind (both ways :) ) to go to Serendipity only to find that it was closed that day because the were filming a TV show.  We had talked it up to the kids and they were so looking forward to a sweet treat that we had to find a plan B.  This place was a block away.  

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