Saturday, June 27, 2015

Annabelle lost her first tooth...(sniff, sniff, sob)

I left her at her Gigi's with very clear instructions to NOT lose that wiggly tooth without me.  I guess she didn't hear me.  I feel sad that this is our last first tooth loss.

This is the picture Gigi sent me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Florida trip (part 2)

This year we rented bikes and rode through Seaside.  This was post head injury so Kyle is the only one with a helmet.  After the ride, we got sno-cones of course.  We also celebrated Annabelle's birthday while in Florida by going to Rum Runners and enjoying some live music and requesting lots of songs for Annabelle including Sweet Child of Mine (like we did for Barrett's birthday a few years back).  Before we sat down to eat, Cody and Kyle did the zipline there and Annabelle rode the carousel.  Gigi, Barrett and I enjoyed watching them.

Monday, June 22, 2015

staples...this post is not for the squeamish

While we were in Florida, Kyle was doing backflips into the pool and cut his head very badly on the edge of the pool. We didn't know it had happened until we looked up and saw him covered in blood.  He was very brave and didn't even cry.  I rushed him to the urgent care clinic and we were both dripping wet the whole time.  The doctor decided that STAPLES was the way to go on his scalp.  My stomach flops every time I say that.  Seriously, who decided that staples should be used to fix body parts?  Staples are for paper and things that can't feel!  I mean, okay, MAYBE if you're on a deserted island sitting under a palm tree and a coconut falls on your head leaving a large open wound just as a long lost Office Depot shipment washed ashore containing only a stapler and staples...maybe.  Or if you're in a Mary Shelley novel.

I could not watch as the doctor held the STAPLER to my child's HEAD! Kyle was so brave, even though he looked like a patient in a World War II infirmary. I would have needed full sedation if someone was going to staple my head!

Warning graphic pics ahead!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Florida trip (part 1)

We have a big summer planned.  Our first trip of the summer was to Florida.  We thought about skipping it because we have other trips planned but we couldn't stand it...we had to go.

"I Lived" by One Republic

Hope when you take that jump, you don't fear the fall

Hope when the water rises, you built a wall

Hope when the crowd screams out, they're screaming your name

Hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay

Hope that you fall in love, and it hurts so bad

The only way you can know is give it all you have

And I hope that you don't suffer but take the pain

Hope when the moment comes, you'll say

I, I did it all

I, I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places, the things that I did

With every broken bone, I swear I lived
Hope that you spend your days, but they all add up

And when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup

Oh, I wish that I could witness all your joy and all your pain

But until my moment comes, I'll say

I, I did it all

I, I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places, the things that I did

With every broken bone, I swear I lived
Oh, oh, oh, oh
With every broken bone, I swear I lived

With every broken bone, I swear I

I, I did it all

I, I did it all

I owned every second that this world could give

I saw so many places, the things that I did

With every broken bone, I swear I lived

I chose this song here because it's a great song that speaks to experiencing life and different places and living life to the fullest...and because while experiencing back flips into the pool in Florida, Kyle put a gash in his head that led to 6 staples.  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Annabelle

Dear Annabelle,

Happy birthday! Here we are, 5 years in and I cannot imagine my life without you...without your smile and inner joy, your questions, your sweet hugs and kisses.  You have brought so much richness and softness, and sweetness to this family and we are so much better because you are a part of us. To know you is to love you...I know I’d love you even if you were not my daughter.  You are amazing, and I want to take this opportunity to tell you why.

You are sweet
You have filled our lives with so many wonderful things and not a day goes by without messy-haired good morning snuggles where you sneak your cold toes under my warm legs, and say a sweet "Dood morning, Mommy."  You are the first to notice if someone is sad and needs a hug and kiss, and you are very good about sharing and using good manners.

You are loving and caring
Around every corner of the house, we find every baby doll  (and sometimes other things like the boys' action figure alarm clock) tucked safely into their bed (or shoebox) with a little baby blanket...or a tea towel...or a paper napkin if it's all that's available. I love your mid-day snuggles when you climb into my lap while I'm working. Today, you played doctor on me and I told you my head hurt.  You leaned over and put your ear to my head, popped up and said, "Ah, your head is beeping really fast. I have a diagnosis! You have headitis and you need to rest."  You brought me a blanket from your room and a stuffed animal to cuddle with. 

You are creative
Each day, you bless us sweet manners, and endless hand-drawn family portraits with our eyes where our ears should be and at least a dozen made-up-on-the-fly songs usually about your brothers, America, or pretty flowers. 

You are spunky
You skip or twirl into every room you enter and into every heart of every person you meet.  You are the only little girl I know who literally swims in the bathtub and washes the car with a broom. You keep those bothers in line with your stern (but still so sweet and cute) voice, one hand on your hip and the other wagging a pointed finger. 

You are funny
You burp like a man, and then sweetly cover your giggling mouth wide-eyed and surprised that that monstrous noise came out of you.  We love your stories that all start with, "Well, one day..." and end with you laughing, "Yeah, that was funny." The stories really aren't all that funny, but because you to dissolve into great fits of laughter. And your laugh is the Single. Greatest. Sound. On. This. Earth. the rest of us can't help but to join in with you. 

You are brave and determined
You got a bicycle for your birthday and it had training wheels.  You asked immediately to have those training wheels removed.  We were hesitant because you have never ridden a 2 wheeler before, but you insisted and we finally decided to let you try.  You have almost got it figured out!  You have gone up and down the sidewalk with daddy (and me taking pictures) over and over trying to learn.  You can go a few seconds all by yourself already!  I know with your determination, you'll have it down in no time.

You are spiritual
Five of us sit at our dinner table each night, eyes closed, hands clasped waiting for you to bless our food. But as you begin to say the prayer, four of us can't help but to peek with one eye open and huge, proud smiles on our faces. With your eyes and hands squeezed tightly, this was tonight's prayer, "Dear God, we are hopeful [you mean thankful] for the dinner and Mommy and Daddy. We are hopeful [thankful] that we got to go swimming today.  We are hopeful that we can be loving. And we are hopeful that the boys be nice tomorrow. And we are hopeful [thankful] that I cleaned my room...Amen."

Part of me wants you to stay little forever, just the way you are, because I love everything about you. You are my baby and always will be. But part of me is excited to see you grow up and get to know the wonderful person you will become, watch you stride confidently into the world...just not too soon. 

I love you so much and I am so lucky I get to be your mommy. 
I Love you more that words can express.


Right now:
your favorite color is pink polka dots
your favorite TV show is Peppa Pig
You love vanilla "valilla" ice cream, rice and beans, and french fries
You are able to swim halfway across a pool on your own
You know your letters and their sounds
You love puzzles, stacking blocks & dominoes, and coloring
You love playing with dolls 
Very often you clean your room without even being asked!

Training wheels OFF! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Another baseball season in the books!

Today's guest blogger is Cody, dad of Barrett, Head Coach of the Diamondbacks!

Nothing says springtime like baseball. For some, opening day is like a holiday where dads across the country take the day off work to take their kiddos to those grand cathedrals to see their heroes play. For me, I'm blessed to coach my son on a team with a great group of young men (and great parents too, which is a biggie!) This spring was memorable in so many ways. First we changed leagues to play at Prestonwood which is a church community. Great decision because they have their priorities right. We get to minister to the boys about our savior, Jesus Christ, and focus on emulating him while learning how to play the great game of baseball. Second, this spring was a monsoon. God decided to end our 5 year drought by having it rain all of March, April, and May. It was insane and wreaked  havoc on our practice and game schedule. Still we managed to get in an 11 game season.

Barrett is learning to play 1st base. Like his dad, he is left handed so I've been really trying to work with him since we all know lefties don't have a lot of places to play. Good news is that his dad played first base and pitched for 20 years so there is hope.

2 outs! This year was a big transition for us. Our boys are learning to pitch. Learning to pitch takes lots of body control. The catcher suddenly becomes important. Steals are allowed for the first time. There is just a lot to teach these boys and we did the best we could.

Thinking between pitches is so important. Each boy needs to think about 'What do I need to do if the ball is hit to me?' Baseball is a very cerebral game.

Barrett at the plate. Barrett is never afraid to swing which it great. The kid can hit. 

Looking good behind the plate against our rival, the Falcons.

Strutting to home. The Diamondbacks went 5-5-1 in the regular season. Considering these boys are really young I was happy with the results, Most importantly, we won while maintaining our character. Youth sports is polluted with dads that take it a bit too seriously. We encountered this but stuck to our guns. We maintained our character while playing competitively.
The boys called Annabelle their mascot

Our team. These guys hold a special place in my heart. Coach Brian, Coach John, and Coach Lane are awesome. I couldn't do it without them. The boys from back to front: Evan, Preston, Barrett, Seth, Collin, Jeremiah, Ryan, Colton, Gabriel, Matthew and Wesley (kneeling). Luke (not pictured) broke his arm at the beginning of the season. We missed him!

Typical Barrett face.

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