Saturday, September 19, 2015

Front Row at Garth Brooks concert

My friend Amy from across the street invited me to go see Garth Brooks in concert.  He perfomed something like 7 shows in Dallas.  All of the tickets were the same price and it was a lottery as to where your  seats would be.  Ours ended up being in the nosebleeds, of course.  As we were making our way up to our seats on the top level, a man stopped us and asked us where our seats were and said he could offer us better seats.  We were skeptical because he wouldn't show us the tickets, but he promised that if these seats were not good we could still keep our original tickets and go to those seats.  We agreed, took his tickets and walked away.  I immediately looked to see what section/row they were for and I saw Row A and I thought that if I was lettering rows, I would start with A in the front.  We proceded to our section and when the usher saw our tickets, she called a guard to escort us to the front row!  I don't think any of us really believed it until we were standing there.  It was awesome!  We could have reached out and touched him but we were instructed not to before the show.  I sang along to every word of every song for 3 hours and came home with a guitar pick for Cody. 

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