Friday, April 17, 2015

bluebonnets 2015

We went on a hunt to find this new place I had read about that has bluebonnets AND fossils!  We took a short "hike" from our car and turned a corner to a beautiful scene of bluebonnets overlooking a lake.  I got my bluebonnet pictures, Annabelle saw real butterflies, and the boys brought home some fossils...everyone was happy.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


At the Easter Egg hunt this year, Kyle kept disappearing to the balloon animal lady.  He had waited in line and when he got to her he requested a sword.  She made him a sword and he walked off happy.  Then, he suddenly wished he had a scabbard (a thing that goes around your waist to hold the sword). So he went back and asked her to make one but her line was so long she couldn't.  She did blow up a balloon for him to wrap around his waist.  He took that balloon and figured out how to make it into a scabbard.  Soon, Kyle had a line of kids wanting a him to make a scabbard for them!  The balloon lady kindly shared her balloons so he could make them for the other kids.  When we got home, Kyle did extra chores to earn enough money to go buy balloons and a pump.  By bedtime that night he had learned to make a couple more things and he figured out that he could use his nebulizer to blow up his balloons!  I told him if he learned to make at least 3 things little girls would like I'd hire him for Annabelle's birthday party.

Kyle made this sword and shield himself!
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