Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kyle's adventures with homeschooling

Kyle is a square peg to the round hole that is public school.  This is not an account of the shortcomings of the peg or the hole.  I'm just saying they don't go together...which is why at the beginning of October, Kyle began homeschooling.

We heard that Jimmy Fallon was calling kid inventors to send in their ideas and so we thought it would be a fun thing to come up with an invention to submit.  Kyle came up with the iFlush.  It's like a iPod flush reminder.  Here's the video he submitted.

He also made a video about centrifugal force, and created a tin can 'telephone' and explained how it works.  He is very into planes right now and learning all about them.

He put together this model and learned about the bones and organs of the human body.

He's winking (awkwardly).

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