Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Seizing the Day

We woke up this morning to find fresh snow blanketing the ground.  Surprise!  I guess I missed the weather report last night because usually if there's the slightest chance of snow around here the weather people get all excited and the news stations send out reporters wearing heavy winter coats to the streets to show us bridges that are not-yet-but-have-the-potential-to-freeze.  I didn't see any of that but I remember muting the news last night so I could concentrate on the book I am reading.  
Anyway,  it was a nice surprise.  The boys spent about five minutes throwing snowballs at each other before school. Good thing because the snow was melted by the time they got home.  I had a lot of work to do today and I had planned on cleaning, but I decided I needed to procrastinate seize the day instead.    I took Annabelle (and Minnie) out for a few photos in the snow.  I think this was more important/urgent than cleaning.  
A-snow05 A-snow03 A-snow02 A_snow04 A_snow01

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