Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saying goodbye to Aggie

We just came in from the store a few minutes ago and Annabelle called Aggie's name about 20 times. Then she came to me asking where Aggie is. I had the heartbreaking job of telling her again that she is not here and she is not coming back. Annabelle's shoulders and face dropped as she walked away. We will all miss her very much.  I pulled out some old pictures and there were pictures of her dressed up for halloween...once as a bumble bee and once as Elvis.  Sadly, I could not find the picture of Cody and I in the snow where Aggie was jumping up to get the snowball out of my hand right before I smashed it over Cody's head.  We used it as our Christmas card one year.  {My awesomely organized friend, Meredith, just emailed the snowball pic from our christmas card and I have added it below...Thank you, Meredith!!} Aggie was good at saving us.  She once ate a bee that was about to sting me...then her face swelled up where it had stung her inside her mouth.  Another time, when we lived on the ranch, she chased away a pack of coyotes.   She was a good dog and she is probably playing frisbee in heaven now.

I took a few last minute photos.  They are silhouette because at the end she really wasn't looking good and we don't want to remember her that way.

And looking back on some of our favorite moments with Aggie:

Aggie loved to ride on the boat and she always sat right up front like this

on the boat (scanned...not sure why there's a line thru it)

Helping me paint

Aggie saving Cody from the snowball...she could really jump.

Playing dress up with Annabelle

Getting tucked in by Annabelle

More dress up

relaxing in the backyard

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Meredith said...

Sorry to hear that :( But thanks for making it a happy post and not making me cry. I have that Christmas card in one of my scrapbooks. I can look for it one of these days and scan it for you.

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