Friday, March 29, 2013

Hide and Seek

I never taught the boys how to play Hide 'n' Seek because I was always afraid they would hide and I'd never (I mean NEVER) find seriously afraid they'd go hide in the woods and I'd have to call the police and get a search-and-rescue crew on the case...and it wouldn't help.

However,  the other day I actually WAS *trying* to teach Annabelle to play Hide 'n' Seek because she was being super clingy.  I read that this kind of game can help.  I had her stay in one room while I ran and hid in the closet and called her name.  When she found me, I told her to go hide while I counted from the other room.  When I went looking for her, this is what I found (in the same closet where I hid).
Love those little toes.

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