Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013

We are back to reality now after being on vacation for a week.

When my mom asked Annabelle what her favorite part of the beach was, she said, "Mommy." I am not sure she fully understood the question but there's probably a little truth to that answer.  Beach Mommy IS pretty great...relaxed, easy-going, doesn't go around yelling and making kids clean up after themselves all the time, and probably the best part is that Beach Mommy is generous with the ice cream trips.  Honestly, Reality Mommy could probably take a few tips from Beach Mommy in the chill out department.

We had a fantastic time at the beach. Usually at the beach we don't venture far from our routine: Wake up, go to beach, stop by the pool on the way back to the house for food and rest time followed by a trip to get ice cream/sno-cones.  This year we got wild and crazy one day and rented a pontoon boat to go out to Shell Island where we searched for shells and went snorkeling.  We found some sand dollars, hermit crabs and a starfish.  We got to see some sea turtle tracks in the sand and dolphins swimming right in front of our boat!

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On our first ice cream outing, everyone got ice cream except Cody.  The line was very long at the sno-cone stand and by the time he got his, we were all finished eating our ice cream.  Of course, everyone needed a taste (or two or three...) of his sno-cone to decide if we wanted ice cream or a sno-cone the following day.  The kids were all gathered around him with their mouths open like little starving baby birds.  The next day, we adults hatched our brilliant plan to bring some Coconut Rum in a plastic bottle to top our Pineapple sno-cones.

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betty said...

Such wonderful memories! Love the one with Kyle and his sword, defending his family and the world from all his imagined monsters/enemies.

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