Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kyle's Lego Party

For Kyle's fourth birthday party, we had a little Lego themed get-together with mostly family and a couple of friends. I made Lego block shaped cakes and the candles were held up by 4 little Lego men AKA MiniFigures to the die-hard Lego lovers. We had a Lego hunt where the kids hunted for Legos on the porch. I think they had a good time. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I made Lego Man Pops out of marshmallows and candy melts. I drew the faces on with food markers but it didn't work all that well.

When Kyle's teachers asked him about his birthday party, he said excitedly, "We had jellybeans!" Yup folks, that's right, I went to all that trouble of making Lego Man Pops, the Lego Block cake, a banner, etc, but the highlight for him was the jellybeans I bought on a whim. figures.

party collage

Kyle showing off his loot from the Lego Hunt.
Isn't it hilarious how other kids always try to blow out the candles? I know I have some pics like this from when I was little where my cousins are blowing out my candles.

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